October 21st

Momentum for Killaloe bypass must be kept up – Carey

Deputy Joe Carey has said that funding for the Killaloe bypass must be prioritised when the regional and local road grant applications are allocated early next year. Following questioning in the Dáil, Deputy Carey asked the Minister for Transport what monies have been attached to the project to date and when additional funding will be made available.

The Minister gave indication that Clare County Counile now have lead in the project and that that a grant of €600,000 was allocated in 2009. Deputy Carey has praised the work of Clare County Council to date in choosing the route for the bypass, but he has warned that pressure on government to commit to the project must be kept up. He said: “The people of Killaloe and surrounding areas have waited long for this project to come into being. It has been several years in development phase at this stage, and with the economic climate at present I was considered that the Minister for Transport didn’t see this project as a priority. It is a priority and we must ensure pressure is kept on government to commit fully.” He added: “I welcome the fact that Clare County Council have chosen a route and have been working on this project. Yet, we must have substantial funds released to begin work next year. Improved infrastructure is a plus for all aspects of the local economy. It is a plus for tourist planners, for driving the local economy and for building for the future development and prosperity of the area.” He said: “I note that the money committed in 2008 is significantly more than in the year before this and I welcome this fact. Now I hope that the Minister for Transport and his department will ensure this project receiver proper financial support in 2010 and beyond.”