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24 May

Private Members Motion : Agriculture (24 May 2011)

Food Harvest 2020 outlines the potential future for Irish agriculture. It contains ambitious targets in relation to the dairy, beef, pig and sheep sectors. I have some reservations about what is happening and on how Irish farmers are to be facilitated to meet the targets to which I refer. A 50% increase in milk production […]

22 Feb

Agriculture : Beef & Pigmeat Processing Fund

Due to the dreadful prices being experienced by farmers for their produce over the last number of years relative to input costs I wanted to try and find out how much the middleman is making, in this case the factories. Accounts and Margins are impossible to find, however the fact that qualification for this much […]

9 Apr

World Trade Talks Agriculture Dail Speech

The American author Mark Twain once advised an audience to “invest in land……. because they’re not making any more of it”. We in Ireland as members of, initially the European Economic Community and latterly the European Union have paid heed to that advice. One of the principle reasons for the establishment of the EEC in […]