31 Jan

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Joe Carey 2016 Campaign

I’m Joe Carey and I am a candidate in Clare constituency. I am asking for your support on the February 26th to continue to represent you as your local TD. It’s been a difficult number of years for many of us, but some real progress has been made – the economy is growing strongly and […]

15 Sep

A Guide to Further Education in 2010/11

I have prepared this document to make you aware of your 3rd level entitlements as well as some tips and information on adapting to the changes you will encounter. I hope that you find it useful and that you can refer to it when you need it. Please contact me if you need more information […]

9 Aug

Strategies for Long term unemployment

First written by Joe Carey – June 2010 The potential for the economic cancer of long term unemployment to take hold in Ireland is becoming more and more of a reality. This document explores some ideas about this important issue. Click here to download and read the document (PDF 39kb) This strategy was fed into […]