9 Aug

Strategies for Long term unemployment

First written by Joe Carey – June 2010 The potential for the economic cancer of long term unemployment to take hold in Ireland is becoming more and more of a reality. This document explores some ideas about this important issue. Click here to download and read the document (PDF 39kb) This strategy was fed into […]

9 Aug

A guide to your entitlements in 2010

I hope you find this guide helpful. Please contact me if you need more information on any topic or if you have concerns to raise. Click here to download the document – Know Where You Stand (PDF 2.5mb)

9 Aug

Information about Irish Indebtedness

The issue of personal debt and the ability to repay is one of the most significant pressures now facing Irish families, especially young families and individuals. Click this link for information about Irish Indebtedness (PDF 34kb)