Close to €1.5 million will be allocated to two sites – a new county library in Ennis and the redesign of Rineanna Park in Shannon.

With growth returning to the economy after years of economic uncertainty and instability, it is time now for the recovery to be felt in all areas of the country, not just the major cities.

To this end, today we announced funding under the EU Urban Development Fund Designated Centres Grants Scheme.

The capital grant assistance in County Clare will go towards two projects.

I am delighted that €1 million will be allocated for the development of a new County library in Ennis, located adjacent to Glór, and helping to develop something of a cultural quarter in Ennis with the museum, theatre and now a new library all in close proximity to each other.

County Clare has been pioneering in library services over the years, such as the development of a local historical studies centre and the appointment of the country’s first arts officer. While the current library in Ennis holds many fond memories for generations of children and adults, it is time for Ennis to have a library fit for the modern age, and one capable of lending itself to many different uses by community groups.

This new library will I’m sure play a positive role in the development of societal cohesion, in outreach and educational projects, and in ensuring the next generation benefits from the joys of reading and literacy in a modern and suitable environment.

I am also pleased that €400,000 has been announced for Rineanna Park in Shannon. This will involve a redesign of the park with circulation footpaths linking the town centre with schools and community facilities. Shannon Airport, we all know, has undergone significant positive transformation in the past five years and it’s only fit and proper Shannon itself should continue to develop and create new opportunities for economic and leisure activities.


Both these projects will help breathe new life into their respective communities, and invigorate locals and visitors alike for many years to come. These investments are proof that the economic recovery is reaching all parts of the country and that no area will be left behind as the economy goes from strength to strength.