I’m not surprised at the estimated cost of works as a result of the recent unprecedented storm damage. The estimate of €23.7 million highlights the urgent need for the Irish state to apply directly to the EU Solidarity Fund, which has previously been accessed by Germany, France and others.


The damage done by the recent storm has devastated large parts of the west coast of Ireland causing significant damage to public infrastructure as well as retail and residential properties. The sheer scale of the bill for County Clare alone highlights the need for Government to apply to the EU for this essential financial assistance.


Serious and lasting effects on the living conditions of those who live near or in the areas affected, mean that this EU fund should apply, just as it has in the past for other states in the EU who experienced significant weather related incidents.

I will be discussing this matter directly with An Taoiseach and will be raising the issue in the Dáil once it reconvenes next week.