Tuesday, June 15th

Carey expresses  huge disappointment that Clarecastle Dementia Daycare Unit will not receive government funding.

Clare Fine Gael TD Joe Carey  has today expressed huge disappointment that the government will not fund the
opening of a new purpose built Dementia Daycare Unit, built on the grounds of the Clarecastle Daycare Centre.

Deputy Carey was part of a deputation who met with Minister Áine Brady on the 25th of February
seeking a final resolution to this issue . The Centre has been completed since May 2009, but remains closed.

In a meeting today (13/06/2010), Deputy Carey received confirmation that the government would not fund the opening of the centre.

Deputy Carey has said that the decision was a further example of government not making the right decisions for regional healthcare and community care facilities.

Deputy Carey said : “The issue of the Clarecastle Dementia Daycare centre is one of huge concern to my constituency. In recent months, I have pressed the government on this issue and met with both the Minister for Health and Minister of State for Older People, Ms. Áine Brady, on several occasions. Today, Minister Brady has indicated in a meeting with me that the government is not willing to fund the opening of this centre. I think this is a hugely shortsighted decision which is not consistent with best community care practise.”

He added: “The dementia daycare centre facility in Clarecastle would serve a catchment area with a population of 48,000
providing vital services for the person suffering from dementia and valuable respite for their carers. There is presently a waiting list of people suffering from dementia seeking these services. It’s an absolute  scandal that the doors of this unit remain closed and government would now appear to be turning its back on the facility.”

He said: “I would call also on both Fianna Fáil TDs in Clare, in particular Minister Killeen, to ask the government to re-think this ridiculous decision, in the best interests of some of the most vulnerable members of our society. We have to ask ourselves what kind of a society do we want for our future generations? Do we want one where state of the art centres of specialised community care, such as this one, remain locked up while waiting lists spiral? I don’t believe this decision today is the right one. The funding needed to operate and open this facility is a drop in the ocean compared to the billions squandered by this government on everything from E-Voting machines to the bail out of their developer and banker friends. It’s a shameful day for Fianna Fail when they turn their backs on vulnerable patients in this way.”