Fine Gael to equalise tax treatment of self-employed in Clare by 2018 – Carey


Taoiseach launches Fine Gael Tax Calculator –


Following the introduction of the new €550 Earned Income Tax Credit in Budget 2016, it’s been confirmed today that Fine Gael will commit to completing the equalisation of the income tax system for the self-employed by 2018, by which time the new credit will match the €1,650 PAYE Tax Credit.

Small and family businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and have played a crucial role in the recovery that is now well underway. Tax equalisation for the self-employed would allow these businesses continue to grow and create jobs

I also know that Clare businesses wanted to see reductions in the general tax burden to help them to create employment. The significant reduction in the USC, announced in the Budget, will help ensure that every worker in Clare and throughout Ireland benefits from the economic recovery that is underway.

Not only does Budget 2016 put about a week’s earnings on average in the pockets of low and middle-income working families, but it also provides people with a greater incentive to take up more work, to start a business or to take up more overtime.

Fine Gael is reducing the tax burden on working families. Tax cuts create jobs, they make work pay and they attract migrants home.

We know that high taxes damage the incentive to work and are a barrier to economic growth. That is why, if returned to Government, Fine Gael will put complete abolition of the USC at the centre of the most radical overhaul of personal taxation in a generation. This is all designed to make work pay, encourage labour force participation and entrepreneurship and keep the recovery going.

The purpose of the tax calculator, launched today, is that people in Clare can log on to the Fine Gael website, enter their details, and see how they benefit from the tax cuts introduced in the budget.