I want to welcome the announcement which was communicated to me directly from Minister Frances Fitzgerald that funding in excess of €150,000 will be given to the Tulla Community Council.

This money will help fund the development of an astro pitch facility, which will in turn benefit several local sporting bodies.

It is a great community project, which will add significantly to the sporting infrastructure in the Tulla area when it is completed this summer.

Because of the climate in Ireland, astro turf facilities are an economic and year round way of encouraging greater participation and engagement with sports.

In Clare we have a long and proud sporting tradition and I believe we must build on this. Sport can play a huge role in both social cohesion and also in promoting a healthier society.

Therefore, funding local projects such as this in Tulla is a win win situation for Government. It ensures greater local participation in chosen sports but also helps harness and build on strong communities.

I look forward to visiting the facility in Tulla once it is up and running and want to wish the Tulla Community Council well in their work as they look to complete the project.


welcomed the decision to allocate significant funding towards an astro turf facility in Tulla. 

This decision highlights the extent to which the current government is aware of the funding needs of communities across the country and willing where possible to make the right investments.