The Clarecastle & District Daycare Centre opened in 1999 and the model of care provided is one that has proven hugely successful. This model has been replicated by many other voluntary organisations around the County. The experience of the voluntary board signalled that there was a lack of daycare services for the elderly suffering from dementia within the community.

This day has been long coming but I am delighted that finally we have funding certainty provided by the HSE in relation to Daycare Dementia Services at Clarecastle District Daycare Centre. This was an issue which has existed for quite some time and one that I as a native of Clarecastle was keen to help resolve.

I have worked for months on finding a solution to the funding issue at Clarecastle and am thrilled to say that these negotiations and representations have paid off and we now have a workable solution. The most important outcome is that the great work on-going at Clarecastle Daycare Centre can continue.

It is noted that the Daycare centre provides universal care for older people, but also has a number of specialities in gerontology, including a dementia specific service.

In light of this, the HSE have recognised that some level of additional support or assistance is appropriate and required. An extra €35,000 is to be provided to Clarecastle Day Centre in 2013, and this will be allocated to revenue funding costs associated with Daycare Dementia Services. This funding will be guaranteed from 2014 to 2017, after which it will become part of the core funding payment to the centre.

Core revenue funding for Clarecastle Daycare Centre in 2013 will amount to just over €364,000, which is a slight 2.6% reduction on 2012.  In light of this reduction, a €15,000 once off payment will be allocated in 2013 to deal with some current pressures.

I want to pay tribute to all the hard work by those associated with the Daycare centre in Clarecastle who have helped get to this point and indeed the HSE under Area Manager PCCC Mid West, Bernard Gloster.

We now have a level of certainty, which has not been present in previous years. This is a significant achievement for the delivery of local health services by local people themselves. It will provide a proper level of care and enable us treat persons within the community for longer, making both medical and financial sense.