Largescale marketing drive now needed as Shannon “is at a crossroads”
I welcome the fact that Aer Lingus has decided to allow passengers travelling to New York to use the new US Customs
and Border Patrol pre-clearance facilities in Shannon. The line we had from the airline in the past year was that it would not avail of the service until it was also available in Dublin next year. So I welcome very much the fact that the service is expected to be available on the Shannon – JFK route from early May this year.
This is a promising first step and I would hope that the airline will extend the use of this pioneering facility to other transatlantic routes.

The bigger picture here is worrying for the airport though. There is a real danger that Shannon Airport is the forgotten transport hub when it comes to marketing Ireland Inc overseas.  We learned this week that Air India was considering making Dublin its European base. Shannon, from what we can gather, didn’t even get a look in despite the fact it is the only European airport to
offer US Customs and Border Protection Pre-Clearance.

At a time when Dublin airport is going through its own difficulties, we really have to ask, are the DAA the best possible agency to talk up the strengths and potential for business at Shannon?

Shannon Airport is at a c New York to use the new US Customs