“Midwest is now an unemployment black spot”

Clare Fine Gael TD Joe Carey has said today that the latest unemployment figures show that the Mid-West has been abandoned by Government.

The figures state that over ten thousand persons in County Clare alone are claiming employment benefits.

He said that the rise of unemployment figures in the region comes against a background of false promises, under funding and lack of strategic planning from successive Fianna Fail governments.

Deputy Carey said:
“Ireland has now one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. Figures in the Mid-West region have consistently come in above the national unemployment average. These latest figures show further very worrying increases yet again. Therefore, per head of capita, the Mid-West is now undoubtedly one of the worst regions in Europe for job losses.”

He said:
“Against this background of increased job losses, we have reports that energy costs in Ireland are set to rise a  further 5%. This is an area government has direct control over. Ireland has been allowed price itself out of the jobs market. Increasing energy costs will do nothing to get this country back working. ”

He added:
“What is needed now is a targeted response to the particular problems of unemployment in County Clare and the Mid-West region. We need our government minister in Clare to stand up and be counted at the Cabinet table. All government agencies must be tasked with making the Mid-West a priority for both investment and training. Every week, young people ring my office detailing their difficulties getting into training courses or schemes. This government is turning it’s back yet again on a whole generation of young people who are being forced to emigrate. As public representatives we cannot allow that happen.”