The government is failing to fully realize the opportunities at Shannon to create an international cargo hub.

In recent months Deputy Carey has raised the issue of full pre clearance facilities for cargo at Shannon and the establishment of a Lynx cargo facility at the airport.

These facilities are crucial in the future development of the airport and it’s cargo business.

Minister for Transport provided me with an update on progress on full pre clearance facilities for cargo at Shannon.

The Minister’s reply clearly shows the government is failing the mid west by failing to make the moderate capital investments needed to create a cargo hub and facilitate the addition of the Lynx facility.

The idea of an international cargo hub at Shannon is not a new one. Government agencies in the region have been calling for this repeatedly over the past decade. So there should be no excuse for government not to proceed with this plan given the current employment problems in the region.

The option of full pre clearance for cargo at Shannon should be high up on the agenda of government talks with the US counterparts. Instead Minister Dempsey’s reply indicates that government is sitting on this until passenger pre-clearance is up and running at Dublin Airport. This is unacceptable. Shannon Airport needs every help and edge it can get presently and I am calling for Minister Dempsey to engage properly with plans for a cargo hub at Shannon.

Similarily his reply in relation to the capital investment needed to make the Lynx cargo facility a reality is unimpressive.
In the general scheme of things, when government is providing billions for bailing out zombie banks, a few million euro to create
and sustain employment at Shannon has to be provided.