Carey asks Road Safety Authority to build new national test centre in West Clare

Clare Fine Gael TD Joe Carey has today explored the idea of building a new national test centre in west Clare with the Chief Executive Officer of the Road Safety Authority.

Deputy Carey was in contact with Mr Noel Brett regarding waiting times for NCTs in

County Clare and during the course of their exchange, Deputy Carey discussed the possibility of locating a new test centre in that west Clare. Several new test centres are being built nationwide, yet County Clare, particularly the west of the county, is serviced by only one centre in Ennis. The current situation with regards NCT waiting times in Ennis is that many car owners who have a test due date of 2010, are finding it difficult to get appointments within 28 days. This is leading to separate waiting lists. Routine appointments are also being made further in advance of their normal practice.

Deputy Carey said:

“Many people are having problems getting their cars though the NCT in County Clare in time for their due dates. The current legislation provides for penalties should a car not have a valid NCT. Therefore there is a duty on the RSA to ensure persons can secure a test date in adequate time. This is not happening at present. 65% of those who have applied for their NCT in Ennis are waiting between 30 and 60 days judging by recent figures for the second week in June. When I wrote to Mr. Brett outlining this situation, I also did some work on the location of test centres, and their frequency in certain counties. It strikes me that County Clare could be judged as under serviced in comparison to nearby counties such as Galway or Cork. I appreciate the efforts that the Road Safety Authority is making to address the considerable bock-logs in National Car Tests. The change in the law whereby it’s now an offence not to display a valid NCT disc coupled with the fact that many motorists are holding on to older cars, has ‘driven up’ demand for tests. But looking at the list of 62 national test centres that there were Counties with more than two test centre such as Galway with another ones planned for areas such Ballinasloe. I have asked whether or no the Road Safety Authority have any plans to expand the service in County Clare. It’s a considerable distance from West Clare into Ennis, so therefore in my opinion, a new test centre in either Miltown Malbay or Kilrush would serve the hinterland of West and North Clare. I would hope for a positive response to my suggestion.”