I want to welcome a change in radiation-screening procedures for business aircrafts flying into the US.

This will allow for power units to remain on while radiation checks are conducted on aircraft entering the country. Prior to this, there were significant ground delays as power units had to be shut down, and the aircraft’s computerized electronics systems re-booted.

This policy change will remove a significant hurdle preventing Shannon Airport from capitalising on business opportunities as a result of full US pre-clearance.

With this stumbling block removed, it is hoped Shannon will benefit hugely and concentrate on growing this area of business, allowing business jet travellers pre-clear US Customs and Immigration at Shannon and then fly to over 200 US airports.

I welcome the re-evaluation of this policy at Shannon Airport by the US Customs and Border Protection agents. This decision will reduce significantly the shutdown requirement that was leading to prohibitive ground delays.

Corporate Jets will now be in a position to use the Shannon CBP in a more efficient manner that will dramatically add to the attractiveness of the facility.

This is a good news story that will lead to much needed extra business for the airport and the Mid-West region.

It’s now up to management at Shannon to aggressively sell this unique first class service on the world stage in an effort to corner the U.S. bound business Jet market.

Government has played its part in recent weeks to help put Shannon Airport back on track. The recent announcement that funding will be provided for the Lynx cargo facility, highlights the ongoing support from government towards the Airport and investment in its future.

We need to get the message out there now that Shannon Airport is a pioneering world class facility with the potential to act as a catalyst for job growth and creation in the Mid-West region.