Some points of the Budget so far:

– Free pre-school childcare will be available for 3-year-olds until they start primary education or until the age of five and a half years.

– The Old Age Pension will increase by €3 per week from January.

– Child benefit is to increase by €5 per month to €140.

– The respite care grant for carer’s will be restored to its previous level of €1,700.

– Funding to be given to extend the free GP care scheme to children under 12.

– 2,200 new teachers will be hired to reduce the pupil-teacher ratio at primary level from 28/1 to 27/1 and a second level from 19/1 to 18.7 / 1

– Threshold for the Family Income Support payment is to increase by €5 per week for families with one child and €10 for those with two or more children.

– The Christmas bonus for social welfare recipients will be restored to 75 per cent of the recipient’s weekly payment.

– The entry point to the USC will rise from €12,012 to €13,000

– The Fuel Allowance will be increased by €2.50 per week to €22.50.

– Govt to provide legislation for two weeks of statutory paternity leave.