Today Government announced that the Crusheen Rail Station has been included in the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Programme 2012-16.

Given the straitened financial times, several transport projects have not been included in this current capital spend and have been postponed.

We are, like many other countries in Europe, in very difficult and volatile economic times. Our commitments in relation to our European partners and in relation to our level of debt in Ireland, has naturally meant a re-assessment of many projects which were outlined in better financial times.

The capital spend announced today for the coming years looks to strike a balance between prudent and sensible financial spending, with projects of essential importance.

I am delighted to announce that funding has been committed in the plan for the construction of Crusheen rail station. This positive news will ensure that the Western Rail Corridor in itself can become a more complete entity with funding also committed for a station in Oranmore.

There has always been a very strong and common sense case made for the provision of a rail stop at Crusheen. This rail stop will enable those coming from surrounding areas such as Boston, Tubber, Corofin, Ruan, and large parts of North and East Clare, to get easy access to the Western Rail Corridor and urban centres such as Ennis, Galway and Limerick.

I want to pay tribute to the local group in Crusheen who have pushed this project for many years. I want to also thank my Government colleagues for seeing the benefits of this project for County Clare and the Mid-West region as a whole.